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Thursday, March 23, 2006

I can't believe I'm the only one who recorded this

I was going to post my bootleg of Mount Eerie from 5-27-03, in Cambridge, MA, but then I find out that the one guy I sent a copy to has done the good deed of spreading it around already. Instead, here's Phil's performance with his wife (Genevieve aka WOELV) and Jason Wall, at What-the-Heck Fest 2004. The rhythm instruments you hear are basketballs that Phil passed to the crowd before the performance. Those of us who didn't get a basketball clapped on the opposite beat. I cut out all of the talking in between songs. In between "Surrender" and "Voice in Headphones" I had to turn the tape over. And, the recording starts late because I was busy making out with a girl outside. Here's the whole thing in one big zip file

1. Fuck the World
2. The End of the World?
3. With My Hands Out
4. Who?
5. There's No Shadow
6. Surrender
7. Voice in Headphones
8. Do Not Be Afraid

Fans, I need help with the set order! Comment if you know anything. Also I'm not sure about the title of track 2.
Once again, this will soon be available on is hosted by The Mount Eerie Preservation Society

P.W. Elverum and Sun