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Friday, March 17, 2006

JODY GRIND (Kick Me, actually) REUNION!

Those of you into The Jody Grind might be interested in these tracks. Last Thanksgiving, in Atlanta, at a tribute to Deacon Lunchbox, Bill Taft and Kelly Hogan played a short set together, for the first time in 11 years (when Kick Me broke up.) Will Fratesi of Hubcap City backed them up on drums, replacing the late Allen Page, and a few people showed up to help out occasionally. Though they didn't play any Jody Grind material (it's mostly Kelly's solo songs and covers, with a NEW song they wrote together), it was still great to see them play together again. Bill had to end all of his songs with feedback, which didn't make any sense in the context of The Jody Grind, but he has a thing for it, and Kelly decided to imitate Bill's cornet playing with her hand and mouth (as well as doing his infamous high kicks during segues). Here is their entire set:

Speedfreak Lullaby (Greasetrap cover)
Sugar Bowl
Blue Magic (Jack Pendarvis cover)
Steeplejack (NEW SONG)
Drunkard's Blues

thanks to Kelly Hogan for additional info


Blogger jon manyjars said...

The Atlanta band Greasetrap (which featured Amy Pike, who later sang with the Lost Continentals) used to do "Speedfreak Lullaby".

9:48 AM  
Anonymous LG said...

I'm just discovering Kelly Hogan - what a great musician. THANKS so much for posting these and for keeping them active.

10:42 AM  
Blogger hogan said...

Someone sent me this link -- and I really appreciate y'all's interest, but please let me clarify a few important things.

That Nov 2005 show was in no way, shape, or form a "Jody Grind Reunion" and there will never be one. Due to tragic circumstances, The Jody Grind ended for good in April of 1992. That's why Bill Taft and I started a whole new band "Kick Me" in October 1992 and moved on. We did not perform any songs that were from The Jody Grind, and we haven't since April 1992. If it was any kind of "reunion" it was Kick Me, redux.

The late, great drummer Allen Page (Opal Foxx Quartet, Dirt, Mt. Shasta) NEVER played in the Jody Grind. Our drummers were Walt Brewer and the late Robert Clayton.

Bill and I did write one new song for the Deacon Lunchbox tribute show: "Steeplejack" about my friend, Fred.

The "you go girl" song is one I wrote a few years ago in Chicago. It's called "Golden" and is featured (along with "V8" and a few other songs of mine, and amazing stuff from Neko Case and Carolyn Mark) in the documentary "Lipstick and Dynamite: The First Ladies of Wrestling" by former Atlantan, filmmaker Ruth Leitman -- http:www.lipstickanddynamitethemovie.com

"Speedfreak Lullabye" is a KILLER song by kick-ass Atlanta band Greasetrap (Alec Feldman, Amy Pike.)

"Blue Magic" is by my friend Jack Pendarvis, from Bayou LeBatre, Alabama -- now of Atlanta -- he's a great short-story writer.

I wrote "Sugarbowl" about seven years ago as a tribute song to my friend Benjamin (Opal Foxx, Smoke.)

"Drunkard's Blues" we just yanked out of our cranny for fun.

Hubcap City (from Belgium) ROCKS COCKS!

Viva mouth trumpet! Huzzah faux horn!


Kelly Hogan, exhausted from bartending
3:30AM August 9th, 2007
Chicago IL

4:35 AM  
Anonymous E said...

Kelly Hogan should put her wonderful cover songs and original work she plays on XRT during the Eclectic Company show out in cd form or on Itunes so people could hear her "secret treasures" that most people don't get to hear.

1:40 PM  
Blogger Glog said...

I think Kelly and Bill sold a Kick Me cassette in 1992. Does anyone have a copy? I'd like to immerse myself in those expressions of loss right about now.

8:36 PM  
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