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Sunday, March 05, 2006

"This song is by BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN!"

Paul Baribeau is one of the best songwriters (famous or otherwise) of our generation. His lone record, on Plan-It-X, is filled with incredibly catchy, sad, passionate songs performed using just his shouty voice and fast acoustic guitar.
This winter, he's been on a national tour with Ginger (from fellow Plan-It-X band One Reason), where they just perform Bruce Springsteen covers with voices and acoustics. Neither of them plays any original material.
The tour is called the Darkness on the Edge of Town tour, and they made a CD-R of Springsteen covers to sell during it.
This bootleg is from their Boston show, about two weeks ago, which took place in a kitchen filled with drunk college students. Most of the songs they played aren't on the CD-R, and the CD-R is only available on the tour, anyway.

Bobby Jean
Atlantic City
Born to Run
Dancing in the Dark
Born in the U.S.A.
I'm on Fire
The River
Hungry Heart
Pink Cadillac
State Trooper
The Ties that Bind
Thunder Road

I didn't include the several minutes of Paul changing his broken guitar string before "Dancing in the Dark." Otherwise this is their full set, complete with obnoxious commentary from the audience.

Paul's Myspace
Tour's Myspace
One Reason's Myspace

Oh and it turns out the tour just ended yesterday!
Paul will be on tour again in a few months.