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Friday, March 17, 2006

JODY GRIND (Kick Me, actually) REUNION!

Those of you into The Jody Grind might be interested in these tracks. Last Thanksgiving, in Atlanta, at a tribute to Deacon Lunchbox, Bill Taft and Kelly Hogan played a short set together, for the first time in 11 years (when Kick Me broke up.) Will Fratesi of Hubcap City backed them up on drums, replacing the late Allen Page, and a few people showed up to help out occasionally. Though they didn't play any Jody Grind material (it's mostly Kelly's solo songs and covers, with a NEW song they wrote together), it was still great to see them play together again. Bill had to end all of his songs with feedback, which didn't make any sense in the context of The Jody Grind, but he has a thing for it, and Kelly decided to imitate Bill's cornet playing with her hand and mouth (as well as doing his infamous high kicks during segues). Here is their entire set:

Speedfreak Lullaby (Greasetrap cover)
Sugar Bowl
Blue Magic (Jack Pendarvis cover)
Steeplejack (NEW SONG)
Drunkard's Blues

thanks to Kelly Hogan for additional info