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Friday, March 24, 2006

Last post ever

This is the end of this blog. I have nothing else to offer after today.
It's been a blast.
I'm pretty proud of this thing, so check out all of the old posts, you'll probably find at least one new thing you love, and there aren't that many to go through.
in case you're wondering,
I make music too.
Here's one unreleased song from most of the bands I've been in. Each sounds completely different than the last, so if you don't like one, keep trying. I bet you'll find something you like:
The Best Thing Ever - Stop Waiting for Death (You're Not Dead Yet) - Cool never got off the ground, but the plan was to play exclusively at lounges, and berate the audience the whole time. This is the only thing we finished writing before the band imploded last year. Jen Page on cello, Alex Billig on electric guitar, me on vocals. Then we reunited for The Best Thing Ever's Bathroom Tour
Hip Hip Hooray - Your Very Exciting Field Trip (live in Boston, MA 12-09-05)
This was written by Kate Ferencz from Suckling Pigs. I played drumsticks and she sang and played unmic'ed keyboard. Her voice is definitely a love it or hate it type thing. She unintentionally sounds British when she sings, because she grew up listening to The Cure. I've never been able to figure out her lyrics. Some people can, though. Josh Safdie recorded this at a basement show.
Trillion Dollar Trio - Sandbox. This is a Hubcap City song, Bill Taft (from Hubcap City) on guitar and vocals, and me and Sam Whigham on electric guitars (though I can't hear Sam's playing at all on this one). Recorded in Bill Taft's basement sometime around 2002. This is now released on Hubcap Pretty's CD.
iTunes - I Am Glad You're Here (live at Norcross Tavern, Norcross, GA, 12/2004)
That's me on drums and vocals, and Reid Hitt (of Suckling Pigs and Neon Vomit) on Casio keyboard. We changed our name from The Internet Service to iTunes right after this show. I wrote the lyrics while we were waiting for the open mic to start, and we made up the music on the spot. I'd played drums exactly once before, never live. During our next song, the M.C. took the batteries out of my tape recorder because I made a joke about the radio station sponsoring the open mic. We've never released anything.
Girls 6 and Under - The Legend of Timmy O'Toole
Here is a nu-metal band I sang in in high school (although nu-metal wasn't a term at the time). This is the only song we ever recorded, in a really nice studio. I won't claim it's great, but it's interesting in the context of the rest of these. Parker Gispert (drums, currently of The Whigs) and Luke Sebel (bass) wrote the song. Hamilton Jordan, Jr. (currently of Genghis Tron) played guitar.

Thanks for reading.
Check out My Label if you want more music. Bye.


Blogger jon manyjars said...

I am really bummed that you are ending your blog. I wish I had seen your performance at the Norcross Tavern. The manager there (Leisa) was my next door neighbor!

9:42 AM  
Anonymous Political.Asylum said...

The Sarcastic Idiocy Forum bids you all a joyous Mothmas season, and hopes that Mothra will accept you into her heavenly cocoon.


3:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Blogger Clara said...

wow. it's been like 3 years and i just found this blog. you probably won't read this, but i just wanted to thank you... cos im brazillian, and i would never ever ever ever be able to hear these amazing songs, if not for your blog. thank you.

12:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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7:38 AM  
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