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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Don't you mean John Lennon?

"In the Spring of 1997, The Umpteens, a little known rock group from Boston, broke up during a performance at a local university."
That quote is from Donlennon.com. That is all of the information you can find on The Umpteens, except that they went to Boston University, none of their records are available anymore, and that their frontman went on to perform solo under the name Don Lennon.
There's a really detailed article on Don Lennon here
It says that the music's not as good as The Umpteens, but neglects to mention that Don Lennon is still fantastic. He was still finding his voice on his first couple records, but his new one, Routine, is one of the best records of last year.
Here's the first and last songs of a entire bootleg I recorded last year at The Milky Way in Boston:
1. Really Dave Matthews
2. Gay Fun
3. Trust Fund
4. My Debut Album
5. Last Comic Standing
6.My Favorite Rock Group
7.Party All The Time
8. Lenny Kravitz
9. Dance Music

Don Lennon's official site

Many of these sound completely different on the albums, because Don's voice changed drastically between his early albums and the show. I like the live versions better. Anyway, go buy Routine