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Thursday, March 02, 2006

"Dedicated to Bob Dylan, Our Biggest Fan"

In Atlanta during the 1980's, Bill Taft (later of Hubcap City and Smoke) sang and played guitar for The Chowder Shouters with John Thomas and Eric Kaiser. They released one 6 song EP on vinyl. Then John Thomas moved to Chicago, and Bill joined the Opal Foxx Quartet.
Very clearly the precursor to the noisy celebration of Hubcap City, The Chowder Shouters banged on what could be a drum, suitcase, or the floor, while Bill played some blues-influenced guitar riffs and yelled about whatever odd topics he could. And they recorded the most raucous version of "Amazing Grace" I've ever heard.

This recording was taken from a CD that was probably made directly from the original vinyl. I am not sure if the original recording distorted like this one does, but it's the best I've got. I received no tracklist, so I'm guessing at the song titles here ("Little Wing" is NOT the Hendrix song).

1. Weather Report
2. Little Wing
3. Amazing Grace
4. Tax Fraud
5. The Arkansas Side
6. The Old Tar River

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