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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Not the "Woo Hoo," band, a different one

Some time after The Opal Foxx Quartet broke up, their young guitarist Chris Lopez formed his own band, The Rock*A*Teens. That site pretty much sums them up, so I'll keep this short.
Musically, they are actually a rock band (I know, I never post rock bands, mostly because I hate them), but there's something special about The Rock*A*Teens, and it's not just that The Jody Grind's Kelly Hogan used to play guitar and do backing vocals for them. It's probably their combination of absurdly catchy garage riffs, straightforward, pounding drums, and Lopez's cracked yell, that, more often than not, come together to make some of the best never-were hits this side of White Light/White Heat.

Today, you get one song, from the same out of print radio station CD that gave you Smoke's "Hamlet" a few weeks ago:
Black Ice (live on WRAS)

On new year's eve, 2003(?), The Rock*A*Teens played their last show. Chris Lopez has a new record out under the name Tenement Halls, and has put together a band to support him, whenever he decides to tour next.
Between them, Amazon and Merge still sell all of The Rock*A*Teens' CDs.