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Sunday, March 12, 2006


Last year, I was at a Boston thrift store and noticed a pile of tapes. I can't remember what I was looking for, but I didn't end up finding it. Instead, I came home with

The left side is labeled "Giorgi - A Survivor's Tape"
and the back says it came out on Guardian Angel Records.
"A Survivor's Tape" is typed out on the label stuck to the storebought Scotch tape this was released on.
Besides a track listing, that's all the information given.
The first thing you hear, after the tape starts, is a ringing phone, followed by Giorgi leaving a message for her guardian angel. Then the organ and vocals hymn "Guardian Angel" starts. The closest comparisons to Giorgi's voice are Jean Smith (from Mecca Normal), Patti Smith, and the Atlanta songwriter Tracy Snow (AKA Cake AKA Tracy Terrell). If you don't like any of them, you're not going to like this, either. Actually, I probably don't even need to mention that, because, odds are, you're not going to like this no matter what.

Phone Message Intro
1. Guardian Angel
2. Trouble
3. Whohundalayla
4. The Poor Little Girl (Why)
5. Feel so Alive
6. Oooooah Walla Hey Harday
7. Now in Your Life
8. So in Sane
Hidden Track/Happy Trails

Notice the incredibly creepy shift on the hidden track from "Giorgi"'s speaking voice to her reverb-y singing!

The reverb-drenched vocals, combined with the plethora of slowly played new agey instruments (acoustic guitar, synth, electronic drums, electric guitar used only for solos, and various unidentifiable hippie sounds), makes me think this was released in the late 80's. The title, song topics, and "Help others find a safe space by supporting this project. Please do not duplicate" message printed on the back make me think this was probably made by some kind of women's shelter organization that has long forgotten this tape's existence. If you know any more about this, please tell me. Otherwise, this is getting duplicated.